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Combining a sound knowledge of animal behaviour and practical teaching ability, a career as a dog trainer can be hugely gratifying—professionally and emotionally.

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Become a dog trainer! We provide excellence in the delivery of dog training and behaviour courses for those wishing to become the very best canine professional.

Our graduates gain lifetime access to our support network, with sales and marketing services at their disposal to grow a thriving dog training business.

Whether you’re thinking of expanding or changing your career, dog training is a valuable profession—especially given that almost 25% of Canadian households have a dog, and even higher in the US at 38%.

Dog training can certainly offer flexibility with the option to be self employed or work for a larger organization-be it a pet store, national training group, animal shelter, boarding kennel or veterinary clinic.

Dog trainers may also decide to go on and work in a specialized area such as scent detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, agility dogs, assistance dogs, obedience dogs or police dogs.

We also offer these specializations in our continuing education programs outside of our core curriculum.


Upon successful completion of the program, our alumni benefit from lifetime support in their journey of entrepreneurship. Having built a profitable dog training business ourselves, we replicate our business blueprint for you and offer you a personalized "business in a box" solution for a fast and strong start.

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Ongoing Mentoring & Support
  • Leads & Referrals

We help you reach your full potential. Consider us your partner for success.

Upon graduation, we ensure our student names and training credentials are added into the Canadian Dog Trainers Association database of certified professionals.

Dog owners reference the Canadian Dog Trainers Association to ensure the trainer they hire meets the high industry expectation of this profession.

Being a certified trainer listed on this association will help your practice stand apart and earn prestige in the eyes your clients.


We take our role in the dog training industry seriously, and as such, ask our members to adhere to the following 6 principals governing our code of ethics:

  • Every trainer will have respect towards the client, must be presentable, well groomed, and punctual.
  • Every trainer will take the time and explain their training methods. Regardless of what method will be used. ( Methods are chosen according to the age , sex, breed & character / temperament of the dog ).
  • Every trainer will know the difference between what can and can not be done.
  • Every trainer will understand the limits of their client's dogs.
  • Every trainer will treat the dog with respect. NO abuse whatsoever.
  • Every trainer will advise us if they feel or see any abuse from the owners.

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Established in 1999, The Dog Trainers Network is one of Canada’s longest running professional Dog Training Instructor Programs based in Montreal. Our curriculum is location independent, and can be taken regardless of where you live.

Dog Trainer Program

To become a dog trainer, we have created a program that is divided in 2 parts, each with very detailed learning modules to complete. The courses are designed to be easy to follow and understand.

To graduate, a student must successfully pass both level 1 & 2.


Level 1: Behaviour Comprehension

Approximately 3 to 4 month duration. Conducted through video conferencing, Power Point lessons, and behavioural analysis through video clips. 

Level 2: Training Fundamentals

Approximately 3 to 5 month duration. Conducted through video conferencing, or you can opt to go to our Vaudreuil-Dorion location in Quebec.

Dog Training Specialization Courses

Upon graduation, we offer many different continuing education programs for your consideration. These are specialization courses in a focused area.

alumni members

Our students have gone on to be the most sought after dog trainers in their respective fields. We hope you'll be the next success story to join our network!

Joey Bacci

Level 1 - 2 + Behaviour/Detection
Montreal , Quebec

Christina Williams

Level 1 - 2 + Advanced Behavior
Montreal, Quebec

Charlie Mercieca

Level 1 - 2- 3
Kingston, Ontario

Stephanie Dutchyn

Level 1 - 2

Fort McMurray , Alberta